Volunteer Resources

Note: The National website and MyEwb were just launched with a new and improved theme and features. Unfortunately, some of these links may be broken. We are working to fix them as soon as possible. - Nov 18, 2013

The following are standard EWB resources which we encourage all members to check out.

National Resources

Create a MyEWB account to gain access to all resources: http://my2.ewb.ca/themeswitch/myewb2 (for chapter, select "Vancouver Professional Chapter")

How Do I Become a Member / Pay My Dues?

You can become a member online:

  • Register online at myEWB
    • Under Chapter select Vancouver Professional Chapter.

To become a regular (paid) member online or renew your membership:

  • Navigate to your myEWB profile page by clicking your profile picture when you're logged into MyEWB
  • Under the "Actions" title on the right side, click "Pay My Membership Fee"
  • Fill in fee category, credit card information and your billing address and follow through to the end of the payment screens.
  • On the "About" tab, in the Membership Status row, it will now tell you when your yearly membership fee is due again.
  • Enjoy the perks of paid membership and knowing you're supporting your chapter!

Or, contact us to become a member!

Vancouver Resources

We manage all files for our chapter on our Google Drive. Speak to the Exec Committee to gain access.

How Do I Stay Up To Date / Hear About Events?

To stay up to date on Vancouver Chapter activities and events, join us on Meetup for our events list, and join our mailing list.