Each year, a delegation of EWBers from the Vancouver City Network joins hundreds of others from across Canada at EWB National Conference. It's the best investment you can make in yourself this year. 

Check out highlights from past conferences here:

Want the cliff notes? Check out our newsletter about 2014 Conference.

Anyone interested to attend from the Vancouver City Network should contact as soon as possible. The chapter registration deadline has passed (October 17th 11:59pm). Partner registration is available to EWBers and the general public until tickets are sold out.

What is Conference?

Conference is the best investment you'll make in yourself this year.

You'll find more information on the conference website.

Conference 2014:

Conference 2013 (last year):

EWB National Conference 2014 will be held on January 10th through 12th, 2014 in Toronto.

I've Heard About Leadership Development Day?

Leadership Development Day is January 9th.

Please apply to attend, it's a great experience!

You can apply to attend Leadership Development Day when you register to attend conference from October 3 - 17th. Simply respond to the following prompt:“Express your enthusiasm for leadership.” and submit your response through the registration system. You will be prompted to apply when you register for conference.

What are the Deadlines?

Chapter coupon deadlines have passed.

Anyone interested to attend from the Vancouver City Network should contact as soon as possible.

Registration is still open to EWBers and the general public. 

Delegates can register at the public rate until tickets are sold. Ticket sales end in January but are expected to sell out in November.

How much does it cost?

Full cost information is available on

Costs to budget for include travel, delegate fees, hotel costs, and spending money for some meals and activities.

Are there bursaries?

Our ability to offer chapter bursaries is limited by our ability to raise funds for this cause. A majority of the costs will depend on your method to get to Toronto. Please get in touch if finances are a concern, we're here to help and we do not want our future chapter leaders to be excluded from conference based only on the expense.

You can apply for a chapter bursary here.

Sponsoring our Conference Delegation

Attending conference is a large expense for our members, many of whom are passionate new graduates, young professionals, and Canada's future leaders. Conference is a key part of a chapter's integration with the whole EWB network, amplifying the impact each individual chapter has by connecting the organization nationally. As such, sponsoring our conference delegation is a way to make a large impact in supporting local leaders in the community, while at the same time building your corporate brand among 700 conference delegates from across Canada.

We are currently accepting sponsors for our chapter's conference delegation. Please get in touch if you are interested! Sponsors will be recognized on our website and on chapter conference T-Shirts, and EWB will conduct a 1 hour lunch and learn about the conference with your employees. We are open to other suggestions for corporate recognition or partnership. For more information please contact

Sponsoring Conference

The conference team is currently accepting applications to sponsor conference. More information and contact information is available here.