We believe: that we (as citizens) have a responsibility to proactively break down barriers towards a world where people meet their potential, for a greener and more just today and tomorrow.

At the competition...

Learn the basics of systems thinking. Tackle a tangible community challenge using advanced tools that anyone can learn. Compete with other teams. Showcase your ideas. End the night at our mixer.

This event will inspire leaders to take innovative actions, and build the capacity to find solutions to the complex problems of today.


Register on Meetup at

This time, the event is free of charge.


1075 West Georgia St, Vancouver, BC. Follow the signs to the meeting room.


Time Agenda
9 am Registration & networking
10 am About EWB
10:30 am Greenest City Action Plan
10:45 - 11 am BREAK
11 am Systems Thinking Workshop
11:30 am Competition Topic Selection & Team Forming
12 - 12:45 pm LUNCH BREAK (nearby cafeteria)
12:45 pm Intro to afternoon and judging process
1 pm Teams: System Mapping
1:30 pm Teams: Ideate, Iterate, Innovate
2:30 pm Teams: Business Planning
3 pm Presentations and Judging
3:30 pm Wrap-up and Thanks
3:45 pm Walk to Central Library for film "Gold Fever"
(optional, seating not guaranteed)
4:20 - 6 pm "Gold Fever" screening
6 pm onwards Informal mingling, networking