Amplifying Impact

Amplifying Impact from Canada

The Project

How do 10,000 networked EWB-ers across Canada best amplify the impact of 60 volunteers’ work on the ground in Africa?

On October 4th, the Vancouver team had a high energy day of presentations, brainstorming, and strategy development to tackle this question, and we need your help to turn this into action.

  • What if chapters were empowered to make deep change in our ventures?
  • To tackle interesting and challenging problems face-on?
  • Became centres of excellence in supporting and driving solutions and impacts in Africa, from Canada?
  • Imagine the positive impact this would have in our ventures. Imagine the results this would have on our reputation, the skills EWB-ers would develop, and the resulting impact on our recruiting and fundraising capacities. Which would again return impacts to our ventures.

How can you help, right now?

By helping out with this project you will have real impact! You'll also get great exposure to our African Programs.

1) Are you a returned volunteer abroad? Take the survey.

2) Start working on a project that our African Ventures have requested help on.

3) Start a project to enable contribution from Canada for African Venture impacts.

4) Share your experiences! Contact

We really want to hear from folks who

a) have contributed in some way to a placement abroad’s success, from Canada (or other distant location).


b) have been on a placement abroad with an NGO (EWB or otherwise).


c) are excited about this question!

Maybe not right now. What else is going on? How about in 2 weeks? Next month?

We’re in the infancy of answering the question - the “Search” phase in EWB’s Venture model (

We’ve catalogued the relationship between ventures and chapters as it stands presently.

There are 2 main activities ongoing, and you can help with all of them.

  1. Research - interviews, discussions, reading documented activities. Be an interviewer, an interviewee, a google ninja. See the start of research in above Google doc.
  2. Planning and execution for followups and prototypes

Prototyping will be up to the individual chapters across Canada to conduct, using metrics developed locally and nationally.

Contact Christine, she'd love to hear from you if you are excited about this!